Adaptation period

The adaptation period is about 2 weeks, where we slowly help the child get used to the routine and meet their group. Depending on the individual case the adaptation period can be discussed and adjusted with the teachers according to the needs of the child. Further instructions are given once the kid(s) enroll.


Weather changes constantly and as we spend quite a big amount of time outdoors it is important that the child has enough clothes at the kindergarten, such as rain, winter or summer gear, depending on the season. It is also required that the child has enough changing clothes and if needed diapers, pacifier or water bottle. A copy of appropriate weather clothing will be provided if desired.


We offer 3 meals per day, breakfast, lunch and snack, following nutritional guidelines. Moreover, we offer vegetarian/vegan (depending on the need) options and we take into account specific food allergies. More information about menus will be provided after enrolment.

Drop and pick up time

We recommend parents to bring their children to the kindergarten between 7.30 and 9.15 (since it is the starting time of the morning circles) and pick them up from 15.15 to 17.00. Special pickup requests can be discussed when enrolling the child.

Useful to know

  • In the first meeting we will give you all the instructions in written document

  • The beginning is usually difficult both for parents and children, but we will be there helping you!


Communicating with families is an essential part of the day, in order to share happy moments of the child in the kindie. Daily reports on different daily matters are carried out through our partner app, Kindiedays. Once enrolment has been processed more information will be given.

Kindiedays will help you

  • To get daily photos of your children

  • To check what your little one has eaten

  • To understand your child’s mood

  • To get fast communication with teachers


By following the daily routine you can prepare your child for the easiest start of kindergarten. This is how a typical day looks like:

07:30 – Kindergarten opens

08:00 to 09.00 – Breakfast & free play

09:00 to 10:15 – Morning circle

10:30 to 11:30 – Park time

11:30 to 12:30 – Lunch time

12:30 to 14:00 – Storytelling & resting time

13.30 to 14.30 – Afternoon games (for awake children) or free play

14:30 to 15:00 Snack time

15:00 to 15:30 / 16:00 (weather dependent) – Free play

15:30 / 16:00 to 16:45 – Park time and pick up time

17:00 – Kindergarten closes

Good to know

  • Enroll your children minimum 2 weeks before starting the kindergarten

  • Prepare your schedule at work so you can spend few beginning days with your child

  • Remember to discuss details with your child’s teacher

Picking The Right Group

Hi little friend,

Psst… Come closer, Since now you will start your daycare adventure with us, come and see where you can find your future friends.
If you are between 1-3 years old you will be welcomed to the bunnies group, as they are the cutest and they jump here and there, yet they need to learn and achieve a lot. I am sure you will be happy there
If you are 3-5 years old then you will belong to the Pandas group. As you are still cute, but smart at the same time. We as your teachers would love to follow new adventures with you and with your new friends.

If you are 5 years old, it means you are ready to dive in the depth of the sea and become a proud Dolphins’ member. You will discover and learn more each day and you are welcomed to express your new knowledge whatever way you prefer.

If you are 7 years old then time for you to become bit wiser and fly up to the Sky and explore things from up together with the Eagles group. You are probably very brave and adventurous. We will help you to explore and discover new things about different topics of your interest.


  • Bunnies – 1 to 3 year old children

  • Pandas – 3 to 5 year old children
  • Dolphins – 5 year old children

  • Eagles – 6 year old children (preschool)


Tiny Hands English Kindergarten is open from 7.30 until 17.00. Our monthly fees are as follows:

Fee for over 3 year olds: 950€/month

Fee for under 3 year olds: 1150€/month

Children are eligible for private daycare allowance, so the most of the tuition fee can be covered by KELA. More information you can get from the


Registration fee: 200€.

The fee is to be paid once your child’s application has been accepted and you are offered a place at the Tiny Hands English Kindergarten. Your child’s enrollment is only confirmed when this fee has been paid. In the event of a cancellation, the total amount is non-refundable. The registration fee is paid only once for each family, so when registering the second child there will be no fee for the registration. Moreover, there is also a sibling discount on total tuition fees.

The payment is paid on a monthly basis and begins on the month the child starts the care. Full study year covers August-July, however, July is a holiday month.

Tiny Hands English Kindergarten is closed during the national holidays and during Christmas and New Year. The price includes 3 meals (breakfast, lunch (always a warm meal), and snack) and all the learning and playing material. Every child has full health insurance coverage during their time at the Tiny Hands English Kindergarten.

Useful Resources

  • Contact us! (This can be done through our application form or via email or call).

  • Visit the kindergarten, get to know each other, show you the facilities and answer your questions.

  • Sign the contract, pay the admission fee and apply to kela (don’t worry, we will help you in the process).

  • Initial talk with the group teacher(s). They will tell you all about the group, routine and adaptation period.

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