Tiny Hands English Kindergarten on aloittanut toimintansa vuonna 2016. Ulkomaisina yrittäjinä pyrimme luomaan ystävällisen ja lämpimän ympäristön sekä paikallisille, että Suomeen saapuneille perheille. Uskomme vahvasti, että viestintä ja palaute ovat avain tehokkaisiin suhteisiin, joten yritämme keskittyä myös perheisiin ja kehittyä yhdessä heidän kanssaan. Tärkein opetusfilosofiamme on rakentaa monimuotoisuuteen ja monikulttuurisuuteen. Päivähoidossa käyvistä lapsista tulee perheenjäseniä ja yhteisön rakentajia, samoin kuin heidän perheistään.

Lapset oppivat meiltä ja me opimme lapsilta myös!

Olemme saavuttaneet tavoitteemme luoda lämmin ja ystävällinen ympäristö. Kutsumme myös sinut liittymään meihin ja tulemaan Tiny Hands -perheen jäseneksi.


Meet Our Teachers

Adina Suomela
Adina SuomelaPre-primary School Teacher
Adina is originally Finnish, but was spent all her life in Canada. She graduated from the University of Cumbria sand specialized as Primary school teacher.
She is qualified as Pre-primary school teacher and is in charge of the English language acquisition in our daycare. She is teaching 5 to 7 years olds.
Annamari Viljanen
Annamari ViljanenToddlers’ specialist
Annamari is originally from Finland and she is holding a degree as a childminder.
She thinks play is the key for every child’s heart. She is teacher for “Bunnies” group
Elsa Ragnarsdottir Välimaa
Elsa Ragnarsdottir VälimaaToddlers’ specialist
Elsa is originally from Island and she got her qualification as a kindergarten and Primary school teacher from Island University of Education. At the moment she is teaching in toddlers’ group.

What Parents Say

Cosy environment, kind and enthusiastic staff. Finnish speaking teacher at the small children’s group Bunnies is a big bonus! I also value the flexibility and discussion as almost anything can be negotiated. The Tiny Hands staff have also succeeded very well in taking care of our food allergic toddler.

K. Mari

I love the welcoming feeling each morning when I bring my kids there. They are always happy to go to Kindie, that I think is the best feedback! Also the use of the App is really nice, love getting pictures of what the kids have been doing. And of course the fact that I can see how they slept and ate is great!


As a parent of a toddler, I like it that the groups are not huge. In a smaller daycare centre children learn to know all their peers as well as all of the staff. The smaller children also learn from watching the older ones.

R. Mari

Society where every child is welcome

P. Henna

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