Learning Should Always Be Fun

We aim to prepare children for school life in Finland and thus in teaching we mainly follow Finnish Core Curricula. Its main learning areas include:

Rich world of languages

It is important to give children various tools to express themselves and communicate through their daily expereinces. The majority of the children don’t speak English when they start in our kindergarten, that’s why it is very important for us to focus on language activities to improve their language comprehension and communication skills.

Diverse forms of expression

Expression is not only about verbal communication, but also through arts, music, body expressions and drama. Thus, we try to make sure that children have easy access to the tools that will allow them to communicate through various mediums. Furthermore, we take them to the art galleries, museums, theatres and different shows where they can learn more about versatile ways of expression.

My community and I:

In order to become a world citizen, children need to explore their surroundings from early ages. We go to field trips, on a monthly basis, to different places such as art galleries, museums, theatres, opera, amusement parks, botanical gardens, etc. We believe that it is essential for children to develop a sense of taste, ethical thinking, and widen their experience and knowledge of the world surrounding them.

Besides, having the Mäkelänrinne swimming pool close to our kindergarten, provides us with the perfect opportunity to have swimming classes! Another great spot to go is the Pasila library, where we go every week to borrow books and read all together.

Exploring and interacting with my community:

Sustainability is an important factor in our kindergarten, and little by little we strive to become better citizens for our planet. We enjoy being outdoors two times a day, where children not only get to play freely but also to enjoy and learn from and about nature. Moreover, through daily routines they learn to decide on the daily matters and take an active role in their lives.

I grow, I move and develop:

Our kindergarten staff strives to provide the little ones with tools that will help them to grow up as independent humans, and involve them in the process of their own development. Mental and physical well-being is a top priority for us, this includes, learning about healthy eating habits, taking care of personal hygiene, recognising our emotions and in general having a healthy lifestyle.

Upcoming Classes

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What Parents Say

Cosy environment, kind and enthusiastic staff. Finnish speaking teacher at the small children’s group Bunnies is a big bonus! I also value the flexibility and discussion as almost anything can be negotiated. The Tiny Hands staff have also succeeded very well in taking care of our food allergic toddler.

K. Mari

I love the welcoming feeling each morning when I bring my kids there. They are always happy to go to Kindie, that I think is the best feedback! Also the use of the App is really nice, love getting pictures of what the kids have been doing. And of course the fact that I can see how they slept and ate is great!


As a parent of a toddler, I like it that the groups are not huge. In a smaller daycare centre children learn to know all their peers as well as all of the staff. The smaller children also learn from watching the older ones.

R. Mari

Society where every child is welcome

P. Henna

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